Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Meet the Nothdurft Family


Adoption Day 8/1/18

Andrew and Kim met at a night club on New Years Eve 2000 and who says you can’t find true love at a night club dancing to techno music with a bunch of weirdo’s with glow sticks. Not Andrew and Kim! They’ve been married 17 years, have 5 kids, 1 dog and a whole lot of crazy. They became foster parent in 2016 and were given the best opportunity ever and that was to adopt their first placements in 2018.

Kim is the owner of big dreams and even bigger heart. She loves to write and sharing her stories gives her a sense of purpose. She also feels weird talking about herself in first person.

Andrew is the daddy of the pack and after 17 years in the construction world he has made a career change he’s always dreamed of. Andrew is a EMT and works caring for people in their most difficult times for the Town of Gilbert. Kim is so proud of him and loves watching him become who he always wanted to be.

LilyAnna is 18 has a rare genetic disorder called CDKL5 please see OUR CDKL5 PAGE for more information on this disorder that has totally changed all our lives. Lily is a Junior at Basha High School and loves being able to communicate with her Tobii eye gaze communicator and telling us who she doesn’t love at the moment. She loves all things sweet and going fast.

Andi Jane is 16 and in the 8th grade at Casteel High School. Andi stands at 6′ tall and she loves to have everyone point out how tall she is on a daily basis. {sarcasm should be noted} Andi plays volleyball and it pretty much runs all our lives. Andi is funny, maybe a little too smart for her own good and drop dead gorgeous. Keep your boys away. She’s busy.

Oliver is 12 and is always singing the 4th grade blues. He is pretty insistent he be home schooled and some days he almost has his parents convinced. Almost. Oliver is a talented skateboarder who competes in competitions and usually has a spot on the podium. He also loves basketball, fortnight {ugh} and watching people on YouTube play fortnight.

Alfonso is 6 and usually funny, charming, compassionate and kind when he is well rested and fed. He’s 3. He has the best smile, loves to sing and dance. Has a sparkle in his eyes and sometimes can be rather naughty. He’s 3.

Isabella is 5 and I feel that’s all I need to say about that. She is the bossiest boss baby of all the land. She didn’t laugh on the conveyor belt in heaven and the rest is history. {must watch Boss Baby to understand, if you don’t get it consider yourself lucky} Basically she tells us if we can come or go. It’s actually kind of nice having someone run this house finally since Andi Jane got so busy with volleyball.

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