Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So Lily about freaked the crap out of me this morning. I went into her room and saw stuff of her face. I first thought it was a hair, walk closer, “wait is that blood”, get up to her and see that she had vomit on her face, soaked in her hair, her pillow, all the while she is lying on her back. She is laying there with her eyes open, yet just staring. I talk to her and she moves a little bit. I wait for my heart to start beating correctly and then go run the bath. She takes a bath and it is obvious she is not feeling well. Her temps kept rising and she is very whiny. So not like Lily. Her temp usually runs at 97 degrees so for her to have a 100.3 temp, I know she is sick. I call the bus, I call the school. I call my mom and I call Lily’s nurse. Of course it has to be Wednesday, I absolutely have to work, I run payroll on Wednesdays. My mom says she can come til 1pm and the nurse said she can’t make it til 12:30pm. Thank God! That worked out.
I just called to check and my mom said, she is sick. Lily is NEVER sick. I hate this.
I might take her tomorrow to the Dr. if she still is sick. I will update.

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