Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily Bug went back to school on Monday and so far things are going really well. I like her teacher and all the aides are the same, that is very comforting! They all know Lily.
Unfortunately Lily has had a seizure every day at school, but Wednesday. Yesterday, Thursday, she had two before school, one at school and then one last night. 4! Sigh… we upped the Keppra again, that usually helps for a few days, but we can’t keep upping that every few days. We go in on Tueday for our monthly appointment so we will discuss options.
Monday Lily has her full day of therapy, 7am horse, 9am OT, 9:45 ST, 1pm Music therapy so she will miss school.
This weekend we’re going up north a bit for the day and one night. I’m really excited, it is so beautiful up there, were going to a town called Pine. We’re gonna swim in fresh water, my favorite thing! Have a picnic and show the kids there are fun things to do outside in the summer, you just have to drive a bit out of the valley to drop the temps!
I had an ultra sound today, it was an in depth one to check for Down syndrome and the baby looked good, measured a couple days ahead and the tech was 95% certain it is a boy! I still am waiting for the 20 week u/s to make me believe it, but she showed us something popping up on the little guy and it sure looked like a pee pee. My next ultrasound will be in probably 6 weeks or so, I will update for sure about that!
Happy Weekend!

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