Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I made plans with a dear group of friends that I get to see only a few times a year now. Our special kiddos all went to the best preschool on earth together and we used to have weekly meetings where we’d talk, laugh and cry together. It is a very special thing in your life when you can find others who can relate to you on issues that no one else can. I mean I have great friends whom I love, but most of them can’t comprehend changing their 6 year olds diaper. Or having to spoon feed their every meal. Or manage seizures. This group can. Included is the kiddos teacher and therapist whom know our kids and worked with our kids and love our kids. We used to meet weekly when our kids were in prek, but now we have all moved on to the scary world of public elementary and have all gone into different districts our meetings have gone away.
So every 6 months or so we try to get together for something called game night. One mom always hosts in her gorgeous home and we stay up late, we laugh and play games. It is the most fun I have ever had sober. Not the most, but it really is good clean fun that is just can’t be beat. Anyway, we have had tomorrow night planned for several weeks now so when Andrew says I’d really like to go to Greer this weekend, I said “hold up!” I said “you will not go unless you have child care planned for me”. I am not missing game night and I am not going to scramble to find a sitter to come to our house because he got a bug up his butt. Well guess what! My mom said “well how about I go up too and Andrew brings the girls”. I said “really??” Holy crap! What ever will I do? No husband, no kids for 2 days? Sign me up! So that is what is happening. Let me just add, Andrew normally is fully capable of taking the kids himself, but he is going up to help my dad work on the house and this isn’t hanging up pictures housework, this is laying flooring, putting wood on the ceilings, painting, hard house work. So my mom is going to help with the kids and Andrew will help my dad. It really is an awesome thing to be happening….. to me! And of course the kids, they love it up there. I do too and want to go, but game night is happening and I AM GOING!

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