Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily had make up PT this morning and she did really well. Then we had a new Music therapist come here to make an assessment and we start on Monday. Yay. I just eliminated that 45 min, each way, drive that we made every Monday. Not to mention me not having to lift Lily in and out of the car as well as her wheelchair and etc. We have gone from having 3 clinic based therapies to none these past few months. Score! I like the MT and think she will be great with Lily. We still go to Horse therapy which will be very hard when Oliver arrives, but I did get approved for Hab hours and I am hoping I can find someone who will be able to take her for me. I have a feeling though finding the right person might be not so easy. Say a little prayer it all works out. It seems that is the therapy Lily is most responsive to. I’d hate for her to miss out any sessions.
So we are in the final stretch before we make room for baby and have a lot to do!
I’ve been feeling guilty about getting a shower for this third baby, which is next week, but while cleaning this morning I thought, geeze I think most third time mommies need a shower even more than first time mommies. Hear me out. MOST of the time this third child is either an”oops” or an after thought (or craving) after your kids are out of diapers and all the baby stuff has been put away (given away/sold). Then you want that third baby. So a lot of cases you are all out of baby stuff, not to mention that the sex could be different since a lot of families with two of the same sex try for that opposite sex and sometimes they get it. At least this is where we are, not an oops, but definitely an after thought. Plus a boy. No clothes. No furniture, oh and did I mention no money? First time parents are usually able to go out and get what they need. Not that they are rich, we weren’t at all with Lily, but we didn’t already have a family of four that we were supporting. If we wanted Pottery Barn we got Pottery Barn. OF COURSE the first child is very special and I loved my shower with Lily, AND every first time mom should get one, I just didn’t NEED one as much as I seriously do this time. Is that selfish? Now I really didn’t need anything for Andi and got a three showers! I had clothes, a nursery and blankets, etc… but I guess I am loved. Anyway I felt weird registering for this shower, but I figured if I am having a shower we better get what we need.
Have I mentioned my husband and what he is doing with this nursery? Andrew is so excited about this boy and since we hated all the bedding and nursery ideas they had for boys, we created our own. We are doing a surf theme, but it isn’t just bedding, my husband is going all out. I am not kidding and I can’t describe it. I will show you all in pictures. When it is done. He is in the middle of installing wood floors and that is just the beginning. I think I should pimp him out to do nursery’s for families, he does it all for cost for us, we could make a pretty penny with his skills.
I can’t wait to show how it all comes together. I can’t wait to see it all come together.
I’m tired. I need a nap. I talk waaay too much.

2 thoughts on “Therapies….Baby….Nursery….Oh My

  1. tara says:

    you go all out for that boy of yours.Little boys are awesome and they love their mommies sooo much!Enjoy your surf theme. Check Target for lamps and accessories. I got some for my son’s room. Good luck with the baby and your girls!

  2. catsmum says:

    How exciting. I am excited for you all that blue baby stuff !I’ll be at your shower in spirit. Where is your register? Send me a link.Great to hear you are getting Lily’s therapies sorted. Delegate,delegate, delegate, that is the key to survival I have discovered.I hope you get a reliable carer to take over the horse therapy.Looking forward to updates.

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