Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So baby Oliver is one week old today already. Crazy how time flies. No one has found that pause button yet?
Grandma has been in town since Sat and goes back tomorrow so next week will be my time to figure how our mornings will go. I am concerned. As of right now we are eating or sleeping when Lily gets on the bus. But I am sure I will be just fine. Her hair just might not look it’s best for a little while.
As much as I LOVE this newborn stage, it is a little difficult when your firstborn had seizures. Every freaking move a newborn makes is similar to a seizure. Their eyes roll, their hands flail out, they just do crazy things. Now my rational mind says it is all natural reflexes and that side does pacify me 95% of the time, but of course that 5% thinks, did Lily do that?
I do however know what a seizure looks like and know that he is not having them. My heart just skips a beat sometimes. I remember doing that with Andi. I was worse with Andi. I never put her down. I put her in the bassinet Lily used (the one I found Lily seizing in for the first time) and my stomach got sick, I took her out and disassembled the thing and we never saw it again. She was held 24/7, by 4 weeks I started to relax but she was so used to being held, I still hold her…sigh. At least I have this little guy in the swing and (new) bassinet (co-sleeper) in our room.
I just wanted to post that we are all doing well and adjusting. Andi has been throwing a few fits that is a bit exhausting. I am doing my best to still do the same bedtime routine and etc and I am sure it will be better when I am not as uncomfortable downstairs. And when I decide to finally get out of the house. I am too nervous, so many people still have colds and flu’s right now, I am not risking RSV. So I am sure we will get this whole three kids thing figured out soon enough. It takes time.
I can’t dismiss my husband! If it weren’t for him this would be a lot harder. He is so incredible and so in love with his son. He has been very helpful and I am blessed for such an awesome husband! Uh oh someone is fussing. He sure wakes up crabby.

3 thoughts on “One week already!

  1. Hi Kim,I’m sure you are doing just fine. Some babies wake up saying ‘Iwanted my dinner yesterday’ sort of thing, even our prems in the Nursery do that. They just have to learn to be patient after all you can only go as fast as you can.Kim, when you said co-sleeping, I hope you were referring to him being in his bassinette in your room and not actually in your bed !!!.Is Andi at school at all yet, how old is she. Have you tried involving her with Oliver, like giving her jobs she is capable of doing so she is the Big Sister helping Mum with her New baby brother.I hope things settle down soon, once you find your rhythm with a routine you will probably find things will start to fall into place.It is hard not to worry, especially after what you went through with young Lily. Unfortunately new babies do tend to have very jerky unco-ordinated movements which at times can resemble a seizure. If it is any consolation (SP?) to you they can even have those of us who have worked with them for many years (30 years) wondering what they are at.I can’t beieve a week has flown by already.Drop me a line if you want to chat about anything. I am working today, Saturday and Sunday 1300 to 2130 then I will have 5 days off.Take Care and get as much rest as you can fit in.Lots of Love Carolynn xxxxx 🙂

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  3. catsmum says:

    I know what you mean about the strange things newborns do.I have just spent the afternoon with my little grandson Myles – 8 weeks old today and I still have that sick in my stomach feeling from watching his baby movements. I went through it with my other grandbabies …. I don’t dare let on to anyone else how paranoid I am.We have been scarred.Hugs to you all.Leita xxxx

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