Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Andrew and Andi used to fight all the time about what she was wearing. He’d say “want to go to the store with me” of couse she’d say yes, that child will not can not miss an opportunity to get something, anything, please, please, please. So he’d say, ok change your clothes and she’d run into her room and come out in a princess dress, “glass slippers” and tons of beads and sunglasses. Andrew says “no you are not wearing that” then the fighting, screaming and crying starts and that is just Andrew. Finally he’d storm out and she’d be crying wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I took daddy aside one day and said “why can’t she just wear what she picks out?” He says a few things that all make sense, but not enough for all that drama. I challenge him to just let her decide and see how their relationship changes and boy has it ever. It really was the only thing they faught about. But I guess I should have maybe gave him some guidelines because I watched him and her go to the store the other day. Andi was wearing a swimsuit and sparkly shoes. Nothing else. She looked like Miss America. Going to Fry’s. I’m pretty sure I would have at least thrown on a princess dress over that.

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