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Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Wow! May 19th? Seriously? Lily has one more “full” week of school, “full” because Monday is Memorial Day, but she has that week and half of the next. She gets out June 3rd. I can’t believe another school year has been completed. I would be excited about summer school, except well the school says Lily doesn’t qualify for an ESY (extended school year) meaning they won’t pay for her summer school AND I have yet to hear back from DDD (dept for developmental disabilities) for their approval. We have never in all Lily’s years not had her qualify for summer school and have DDD pay, but since the President took away our Governor that actually cared about education and special needs, well now we’re lucky to get them to pay for therapy, whom all had to take pay cuts by the way, let alone any extras. Sigh. I will continue to call and bug them. I’m sure she will still get to go, but this is annoying.
June 4th we’re headed to Colorado for our niece’s baptism, she is 11 days Oliver’s senior. I’m looking forward to weekend in a Colorado summer, we’re already above 100 and we aren’t even in June yet. Andi’s been swimming every day already and has gotten the nickname “Bahama Mama” she has great coloring and has a nice tan, we’ll see how she looks in August, lol.
Oliver is doing great! So crazy strong! He’s almost rolling back to tummy. On his tummy he gets all over the floor, he rolls tummy to back, but gets pissed when he’s on his back. He’s a feisty one! I wouldn’t say he’s as feisty as Andi, I would consider him more “chill” until he’s pissed then his temper blows. I’m sure my family thinks he is always crying, but honestly he is great at home, he just isn’t one for social gatherings, but the child will have to deal considering he has a huge family no matter what side of the family we’re talking about!
We’re going to try to wean Lily off Topamax these next two weeks. I spoke with her neuro and he says he trusts me and if I want to do it than that is fine with him. She can’t sweat on Topamax and it is so hot. She was crying on the horse on Monday at 8am b/c it was already over 90 degrees and she was burning up. We decided to changed to 6am on Monday’s, yikes (!), for this summer to help with the heat. We really can’t do much with her in the summer besides swimming due to that side effect and I’m ready to see it go. I do pray she does well with the wean and appreciate any one else’s prayers as well! Please!
I’m really getting a hang of this stay at home mom thing, it took awhile, but now I can’t imagine working and not being with my kids! I decided to not put Andi in prek next school year. She already knows what she needs to start kindergarten and I want this last year home with me. She is going to be in school full time starting next year so I’d like to have this last one to be fun for her.
Andi moved up in gymnastics to a 5-6 yr old class, she just turned 4! Her coach, Amanda Borden from the 96 Olympics (ahem) said her listening skills and gymnastic skills are ready to move up. I’m excited for Andi. Now knowing gymnastics don’t usually involve 6 footers, I’m not planning on the Olympics for her, but she will have all the skills she needs from gymnastics to do any sport she wants. J Plus it is good socialization for her if we aren’t doing pre k. She is also going to do a swimming class in July, I want her to learn the actual strokes, I think she could be a great swimmer!
So that is our update. Andrew asked yesterday why I don’t update and I told him well if I am not holding Oliver I am cleaning, or taking Andi swimming, or taking a shower, blogging is low on the totem pole and then he says “you have time for facebook” *gasp* how dare he? I then explained I can do facebook while holding Oliver, that only requires reading and one sentence responses. He has no idea! Facebook is my social, yet not really social considering it is all online and not really in the “real” world, network 😉

3 thoughts on “Almost sounds like a Christmas letter

  1. Kelly says:

    take it super slow on the Topamax wean. Two weeks may be too short if she’s been on it long. Expect break through seizures and crankiness. I did not enjoy our Topamax wean, but it was so worth it behavior wise! Good luck!

  2. Hi Kim,I just love reading all your updates. Good luck with weaning Lily off Topamax, I can really relate to her overheating during the summer months, it is so uncomfortable. I look forward to winter every year.Until 2140 last evening it had been 6 months since we had rain and it is nearly winter and the temps for Autumn have been like late spring, there is certainly something to be said about global warming. It actually rained last night, quite reasonable falls too, it says we should get some more through the week, I certainly hope so.Andi sounds like she is doing really well in her Gymnastics, you’ll have to get some video of her. If she is going to be tall, swimming would be the go and a lot safer joint wise. (I’ll e-mail you later about my experience following competitive Gymnastics).Oliver sounds like he is progressing well. Hey, did Lily’s eye go down, could it have been a mosquito bite. I used to react amazingly to mosquitos.Take care and looking forward to more entries.Lots of Love to ALL of you Carolynn xxxx 🙂

  3. Emily is on topamax (75mg a day) and the doctor said we could wean her off at her last appt but I told him I was scared to (shes seizure free right now) so he said it was up to me..I look forward to hearing about Lilys weaning. Samantha started gymnastics a few months ago (shes 2 but in the 3K class) and loves it. In fact May 30th will be her first gymnastics meet. I saw Olivers pictures and he is a cutie pie (well, so is the rest of your kiddies)

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