Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Oliver is officially a string bean! 20 lbs (14%) and 31″ (90%)! I am so used to my big girls it is surprising to me to see how tiny he is. Andrew gets mad when I call him tiny, but he totally is.
His right ear is still not clear! We are going on month 2! We are going to try another antibiotic and go back next week to see if it clears up.
Lily still has a runny nose. It is a full time job wiping her nose. It is exhausting. He says I should try a allergy medicine. I’ll see. I think it is time she goes to an allergist again. This runny nose is just seriously ridiculous. It would have to be one of the top words to describe Lily. Pretty, sweet, runny nose.
Oliver’s ears are causing a sleepless household and it is making a lot of crabby people. Again… exhausting. He was up 3 times last night.
Andi has a constant cough and her Dr. wants to look at her more in depth next month at her 5 yr check up to see if she could be heading towards asthma. Sigh.
Anyone have any good news for me because I could sure use some. I won’t even get into work. A family supported by construction field right now? No good.
Anyone have a good job for me? Can I get paid to do something I enjoy? I’m super inflexible if that helps. Double sigh.
If I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep I promise a better update, until then my friends the sky is falling.
Oh tonight I am going to a TAOS seminar (youtube it) I think Lily will be able to walk in that thing, That is good news. Probably dealing with jack ass insurance folks will make it bad news. Again give me 8 hours and I will put a positive spin on that.

One thought on “12 mo stats and…. complaining

  1. Marcia says:

    love the new pictures!

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