Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I had to take all three kids to Walmart yesterday, yes I do go to Walmart for certain things that although are certainly more fun to browse at Target for, they are cheaper at Walmart.
I wasn’t going for much so I was pushing Lily with Andi on her lap while holding Ollie in my arms. Typical fashion.
We get what we need and check out, all going well. We walk outside and are asked to donate to some Vet thing, I give Andi a dollar and she puts it in the box. The lady asks if the kids want suckers, I say “yes two please”. “Can she have one” she asks pointing to Lily, “no thanks” I politely replied. “Can she have a toy or something?” “No thanks” I politely say with a smile thinking in my head, yes the one thing we need more of in our house is cheap piece of crap toys. “Well can I give her some bubbles or something?” “No thanks we have some at home” I say trying to be polite but starting to get annoyed, she is fine. Then the lady says “well she looks really BORED” (much exaggerated on the bored). “She’s fine” I say walking away thinking wow did she really just say that? I mean Lily looked like a typical 7 year old child (well minus the wheelchair) was she supposed to be over joyed about our trip to Walmart? Or was she supposed to be thrilled with a lady trying to give her crappy toys that are suitable for a 2 year old? I was feeling like taking my dollar back and I figured Target is worth the extra $2.

One thought on “Bored?

  1. Erica says:

    aarrghh! so annoying. as a fan of target and ver anti-Walmart, I LOVEd this post!!

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