Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I got home Tuesday night at 5:45pm and I was beat! It was just Andrew greeting me, Ollie was at my mom’s, Lily and Andi were with Ms. Sharon at home and I was so happy to see them all! 5 days was a long time to be away, but what a great get away it was.
I got in around 2pm on Friday and we just laid low. I got to see Langan again and finally meet Franny. Oh my heavens, two of the sweetest girls ever! I honestly think a piece of my heart stayed in Nashville. Langan impressed me so much with her walking, stair climbing, self feeding skills and she gave me some of the best hugs! I loved it when I stood by her and she would grab my hand and hold it. Melted my heart. Little Franny has the bluest eyes and the biggest smile that makes her nose crinkle. She and I took to each other pretty quickly and I really am going to miss those girls. Friday night I got to watch Langan’s ABA therapy (is that right?) then we got Pei Wei, the girls went to sleep and Wendy and I watched a documentary she was in regarding a very sad case she had a few years back. Not bad watching your host on TV that isn’t shot from a cell phone posted on youtube from a drunken wedding. Then we crashed.
Saturday was a busy day! I stood and smiled at a booth at a down syndrome walk. Wendy was asked to hand out information on a class she teaches (in her free time…ha!) teaching rights to parents of special needs children ie how to survive IEP’s and get what your child needs. Then we had lunch at the famous Rotiers and had a yummy cheeseburger. Then back to the home to chill before a night of honkey tonking. Yup that is what it is called and boy did we honkey tonk! We started with dinner then moved on to “lower broad” (?) and had a honky tonking good time. Well from what I remember 😉 Let’s say it will be a loooong time before I drink another beer. But it sure was fun to let loose! Dance and sing along with all the country music I grew up on. Who doesn’t love a little fishin in the dark?
Sunday was a bit rough for me after a honky tonking night; we got up and tailgated the Titans/Eagles game. I stuck with coke. Then the game, which was great! So much fun and a win for the Titans. It was fun to be a part of such an exciting game. I tell you what Wendy is a man’s dream with her stat remembering, rule knowing, football loving heart! Andrew would die if I cared a quarter about the Cards than her and her Titans! Wendy is one cool chick!
Sunday night I got to enjoy some of Jon’s homemade pizza and it was fabulous! But also witnessed sweet Langan have a pretty nasty seizure and it was hard being on the other side of it. I guess I got to feel what it feels like for our friends and family to watch Lily seize. It isn’t the same and made me sad. Langan is so sweet and works so hard to do the things she does and stupid seizures just knock her down. It was heart wrenching to watch her seize and Wendy just comfort her while it happened. I guess it was like watching my life unfold in front of me and I just hate that anyone has to go thru this. It really seems so unfair. I know there is a reason, but sometimes I still think it totally sucks. Well I always think it totally sucks.
Monday came upon us fast and we took Langan to school and I am so glad I got to meet her teachers and see her awesome school! Made me wish Lily and Andi went there too! Then we had some time to kill and Wendy took me to the court house to where I got to meet some of Nashville’s most honorable Judges, watch a murder trial and get asked if I was one of Wendy’s clients. That meant they thought I was coming from jail. I asked him if he thought I looked like one of her clients after she said no and he chuckled and said no. Sheesh I thought I looked cute that day, not criminal. Then we had lunch with one of Wendy’s friend who is an incredible woman, and also a special needs mom who inspired me. We all chatted for hours! The day ended with a meeting with the Mayor of Nashville who happens to be a friend of Wendy. He was so nice and we sat in his office and just hung out. I tell you what that Wendy can give one hell of a tour of Nashville! Only thing I wish I saw was Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.
Monday night I borrowed Wendy’s car and met up with Andrew’s cousin Ashley who moved down there from South Dakota to go to Belmont and loves it so much she stayed there. She took me to a nice shopping area and to dinner. While out shopping I saw a guy on a phone with a distinct voice and said, “That’s my pastor from my church in AZ!” Ashley couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe it! I stopped him and introduced myself, it’s a big church, he said he knew me and that I was the first person from The Grove he has seen on his tour. It was hilarious to me to run into my pastor of all people in Nashville,TN! I was just glad I didn’t run into him on Saturday night down on lower broad.
Tuesday I had to kiss those beautiful girls goodbye and hug my Wendy good bye. And it seemed to have taken all day but then I was home to my family.
The house was a disaster, the kids needed their teeth brushed, but they were healthy and happy and they missed their mama, probably not as much as I missed them, but did I ever miss them. And life has been insanely hectic since I got back. I have to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning before taking the kids trick or treating. Then looking at my schedule for next week Dr apts, commitments, life. I’m thinking it will slow down hummm I’m thinking after Oliver is shipped off to college.

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