Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I am thankful for in-laws. I happen to be a very lucky woman married into a wonderful family. I have a lot of girl friends and acquaintances and let me tell you in laws, especially mother in laws, aren’t the highest ranking position in a lot of women’s lives. But I can honestly say I am blessed in this arena. It hasn’t always been roses and tulips, but we all have grown into each other quite beautifully. Andrew has two brothers and I love each one of them. I love how different each guy is yet all so similar. And with brother in laws I get two sisters in law and I love them so much! We all get along and when we are together we have so much fun! I wish we were all closer, but it makes our get togethers even better when we do finally see each other. We had such a great time in South Dakota this past July with Josh and Carrie and Ayden and Avery! And a great time just a few weeks ago when Jeremy, Andrea and Jayda came to visit us.
And along with great in-laws I get awesome nieces and one sweet nephew and one more on the way to try to even up the score. I love that a family of all boys made 4 granddaughters and 2.5 grandsons. I am pretty sure the total will stay 4 and 3, but you never know. I know our participation is complete.
Andrew’s family has been so loving and accepting of Lily from the start. They have all rallied around for her and have loved her unconditionally and we appreciate every single one of them. That includes all Andrew’s Grandma’s, aunts and uncles and his awesome cousins as well. Seriously I married into an awesome family!
Grandma Cheryl (Andrew’s mom) has been so amazing. She comes to visit whenever she can and whenever we need her. Nothing big has ever happened with out her around. She is an amazing Grandma who puts her all into her family. And Grandpa Steve is a funny guy. He comes always with candy, a deep voice and a funny laugh. The kids get a huge kick out of him and so do Andrew and me when he comes because he can’t sit still so our garage will get cleaned out, garden revamped or recently he helped Andrew build our BBQ!
I am incredibly grateful for the family I was lucky enough to marry into.

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