Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I help out in Andi’s class one hour a month. Yes one hour a month is plenty enough time for me. The kids get glue everywhere. Even with glue sticks! The teacher from across the room always says to my table that everyone is too loud and I even got in trouble for helping a kid finish up. Apparently the kids have to do their own work. Who knew. I am just way too soft to work with 25 6 year olds.
Anyway I always get to hear the most interesting things during that hour that makes up for the glue, the loud, and the getting in trouble.
Back in July I had a couple hot pink extentions put in my hair and I liked it so much I had my most awesome hair man dye the whole bottom of my hair pink in August.
That is a picture of us at Splash for a Cure and a great example of my hair color 🙂

So anyway not one but two kids in two seperate groups ask me where my pink hair went. This was after they asked me in January and December AND November…I told them it washed out. They said ahh man. I wonder if that makes me the cool mom?
Another thing I found funny was Andi’s group was at my table and Andi said “T kissed J!” And I said “what? kissing!” and little J says to me “well Andi kissed me!” I looked at her and asked if that was true and she smiled. Sigh…
Then a sadder moment was when I asked a little guy how he was doing today he said “well my parents got kind of rough with each other last night” I asked him if everything is ok and he said it was. I didn’t really know where to go from there. My heart was sad for him.
So last night when Andi made fun of us kissing (Andrew and I) I said Andi do you want parents that kiss or parents that fight? And she of course said kiss, but I just have to say I am so happy that even though the school year started out with lots of fighting and unknowing, here we are getting made fun of for kissing. Mwah!
Speaking of that we are going on a date tonight thanks to my parents they are keeping all 3 for a sleep over and we are going to celebrate Valentines Day a few days early. ❤ (that makes a heart on facebook if you're wondering)

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