Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

You know when you go to a baby shower and you have to put down a piece of advice for the new mama and we all rack our brains for great advice, we want something encouraging so not to scare the new mom, we want something sentimental so we make the poor woman already crying on a dime cry harder, but we also want it to be useful. So here is my advice from now on. So if any of you invite me to your shower this is what I will say…

Kids spill things. All the time. They will spill on your laptop. Your new top right before heading out the door. They will spill all over your lap while at chic fil a. They will spill all over your cell phone. And spill proof sippy’s are a lie. It is how you handle that spill that proves who you are as a parent. If your first instinct is to yell, scream and freak out. Well that’s your prerogative, but next time your hands are too full and you accidentally spill your drink I hope someone is over your shoulder telling you what all you just ruined.
I yelled at Andi after she spilled a soda all over the hospital floor. It was a few years back and I had been there for days with Lily, we went to the cafeteria while Andrew sat with Lily, I was so stressed that the minute she spilled it I got mad. A stranger was standing by and came over to help and told me it was just an accident and while it pissed me off at the time they told me that, they were right. It was out of character of me, it was a stressful time, but it was just an accident. How many times have I dropped something, spilled something, etc who yelled at me? Since then I have been keeping my cool when things, annoying little things happen and it isn’t something I proclaimed to the world, it was something I noticed and corrected in myself, but last week Oliver and I were at Chic Fil A and he was on my lap messing with his soda and the next thing I knew the entire freezing contents were on my lap and what I said was “that was cold!” and then proceeded to clean it up. Thankfully I was at the 5 star of fast food and I was given assistance in no time at all. But the funny thing was a mom of 2 little boys and one on the way said to me, “Wow you handled that amazing! All you said was it was cold” and I said “because it was!” I felt proud though that my reaction was handled and recognized by a fellow mom.
So if I’m coming to your shower I will condense it to, kids are messy, don’t freak out.

2 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Colleen says:

    What wonderful advice, thank you! Granted I am not expecting, I can always use wisdom like that.

  2. Kim says:

    I loved your mantra “Kids are messy. Don't freak out” so much I told my husband all about it (the story behind it, with the spilled soda, etc.) We are “freakers” so this was a good reminder to dial it down a notch when the kids do something messy. Cheers.

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