Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Finally we got the VNS implant surgery scheduled for Wed. May 4th. We gotta be there at 8:30am and my mom will help out with the other 2. It is outpatient, but no idea how long it will take considering the scar tissue and trying to make it work on the right side before moving to the left if necessary. I hate the thought of her going under and having to recover from a painful surgery, but I feel like we don’t have many other options. It really sucks and for a total superficial reasons, I hate to think of having to cut her on her neck again, her scar is finally such a fine line that it sucks knowing it will be pink and noticeable again. Like I say over and over again if people are gonna stare at my girl she is going to look like a shining perfect angel. This is my superficial fears. I also have many real fears like there being difficulties, problems with anesthesia, painful recovery so no worries, I worry about everything. I am just silly enough to be honest about ALL of them.
I’m sure I will post before then, but keep us in your prayers please.
We had to stop horse therapy until her seizures get back under some sort of control and that totally sucks. She loves the horse and it just pisses me off seeing what her seizures take away from her. Please pray for seizure control for Lily.
Oh we took Lily today to re-do her EKG. Praying that comes back normal, we have to see cardio in June.
Tomorrow both girls have an eye doctor appointment.
Still waiting for a week with no dr. appointments. I may be waiting awhile.

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