Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I wrote THIS (click this) many moons ago. I wrote it as a new mom of a very special baby girl. A mom who started coming to terms with the whole meaning of Christmas. Ok I grew up knowing the meaning of Christmas, but becoming a mom meant knowing the true meaning of Christmas and maybe more so the meaning of Christmas to Mary. I have always felt a kindred to Mary. She has always fascinated me. Maybe because from the age of 5 I have played her in plays. In Kindergarten I sat still and looked down at the baby doll while my classmates sang *gasp* Away in the Manger in public school nonetheless can you imagine the boldness of that school circa 1984! Also as a teen I played Mary in a dramatic modern version of a teenage girl trying to convince her fiance that she is pregnant and not by him. I mean that part gets glazed over a bit, but can you imagine? Now a days there are many words she’d been called not to mention crazy when she says who the father is, but back then you don’t get called slut you get banished from your family, your community. This was a huge undertaking for this young girl to take on.
And I played Mary in a one woman act on Easter morning (several years ago)talking about seeing her baby boy, first born perfect son, beaten and hung upon a cross. So while I could never say I know how she feels, I can say I have spent some time channelling her trying to imagine her emotions. My favorite time is to imagine Mary though is her with her newborn baby boy. As a mom we all know there are no more precious life moments than your newborn upon your chest. Examining them for the first time after spending 9 months imagining them. And I can only imagine what Mary thought when she kissed her baby boys fingers and toes and realized that this tiny sleeping precious baby is not only her baby, but the son of God who will change our world for eternity.
I love Christmas. I love this week. The one that all the Christmas parties seem to cease and the time left is just us with our families. Baking cookies. Watching Elf, Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. The time to wrap, construct, smile from within thinking of the smiles we will see on Christmas morning. I cannot wait to hear our little Oliver exclaim is sweet little “wow!” he exclaims whenever surprised with a little something. I can’t wait to help Lily pull her goodies of her stocking and watch her get silly after some chocolate. And I can’t wait to hear all the theories Andi will have when it comes to how Santa did it this year.
I wish you all a very blessed Christmas spent with your favorite people doing your favorite traditions!

One thought on “Christmas in the air

  1. Erica says:

    love this kim! merry merry!

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