Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

When pregnant (by pleasant surprise mind you) with Andi Jane, I said to my OB, “You have to cut her out”. With no dx for Lily at that time I thought birth injury could still be a possibility and I was not willing to take that risk. My due date was March 31st 2005 and when we scheduled the c-section date (when he jokingly told me how Hollywood I was being) he said “I’m working at the hospital Thursday March 17th, how about a St. Patrick’s Day baby?” I said “great!” And so Thursday March 17th 2005 I went to the hospital at 5am and by 7:30am I was holding my baby. Well I should have been, but her lungs were juicy so they needed to keep an eye on her. Oh and I had a crazy reaction to the epidural that lowered my already low blood pressure 40 points, I don’t remember anything that happened during that time, but whatever they used to reverse that issue I was allergic to and spent that day itching myself sore. I ended up getting a shot to finally knock it off. But when I finally got to hold that baby, I thought what was I so worried about loving another baby, I already love her with a love I didn’t know multiplied. And that girl was feisty. All the nurses told me so. She never wanted me to put her down and I never did. Heck she nursed til 2. (Don’t judge) She made us laugh. She hit milestones so quick just so we knew she was ok. She loved her sister with all her heart and she will do anything at the drop of the hat for her. She has a heart of service. Her teacher tells me that she is the most helpful kid in her class. She helps whomever is struggling. She also won’t take no for an answer and has thrown some of the biggest tantrums I had ever seen from a toddler/child. She and I have conversations that make my heart swell. She is nothing and everything I thought my daughter would be. I got lucky that way with both my girls. She is what brought sunshine on our family in dark times. I knew I could get through anything with Lily with her having a sister like Andi Jane.
I thank God for that pleasant “accident” that made her way into our lives with a powerful force.
Tonight we will celebrate her amazing 7 years with 5 little girlfriends sleeping over. Aye Dios MiO! But when given the option for a big party for her whole class or just a little sleepover that is what she choose. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have sleepovers starting at age 7 and they were awesome. We will have pizza, do some crafts and I’m sure get very little sleep. But knowing what all Andi Jane has given us, the least we can do is give up a little sleep for her. (Well…. except I am pretty sure I never got more than 2 hours of sleep in a stretch her first 2 years of life so I have already given her plenty of that).
So Happy Happy Birthday Andi Jane! Singer/songwriter, author/illustrator, dancer, actress, future fire fighter and veterinarian… oh and therapist… WE LOVE YOU!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Andi Jane!

  1. Happy Birthday! Yah for St. Patty’s Babies!

  2. Karine from Aug 2002 says:

    KimThat is a very powerful post.Very very nice.God I love your blog… and tonight it's even MORE.Happy birthday Andi Jane. xxx

  3. Katie Ann says:

    that made me sob. i love you. i love her!

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