Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Oh. My. Lord. Six little 7 year olds was biting off way more than I could chew. And I can chew a lot. By midnight I was a nutty mama threatening to send everyone home. They took my threat and raised it. By 12:30am I took Andi aside and put the fear of God in her and guess what… they quieted up. But my goodness sakes. It was a long night. But came the sunlight they were all adorable again. I had to wonder how the other girls days ended up. Because this is how Andi’s did.

This is her at her birthday lunch choice, Rainforest Cafe. Overpriced, nasty food, fun place I guess for kids? I am not too sure because when the thunder storm came Oliver dropped his fork, looked at me incredibly seriously and said “let’s get out of here” then when we didn’t, he cried and sat on my lap the rest of the time. I’m guessing that won’t be his birthday lunch place choice.

The rest of her day went well. We were all dragging, but it went well. I’m pretty sure she had the best birthday ever and that’s pretty cool. You have to say that like the SNL spoof on Mylie Cyrus if you are gonna say it at all. It’s pretty cool.

I’d say her birthday weekend was a success. 7. How is that possible? 7?!

Lily has been ok. On Andi’s birthday she had 3 grand mals. On the next day, none. No rhyme or reason. We took her to a natural path Doctor to try some more natural ideas. I’ll discuss further when those go into play.

We still have a few days left of spring break. We have 2 weeks and a day here in Chandler, AZ. I feel bad at the vast boringness of it all. On the days I didn’t work we have been to the dentist, to the doctor and have cleaned. I have done nothing fun. Nada. We are going to take the kids to the park on Saturday for Special Day for Special Kids that we do every year which is fun, but not even a trip to the zoo. This mom sucks. It’s hard working and having a house to take care of and three kids. Fun sometimes seems to get lost … that sucks. I so so so badly want to just pack the family up and drive to San Diego and have a weekend to remember, but it is so expensive, it just can’t happen right now. So our weekends will have to be what AZ can offer. And you’d think oh sunshine for sure right?! Nope! We had to cancel our family party for Andi and Skylar because it was in the 50’s and raining on Sunday! It hailed so much it looked like it snowed. Party got moved to Peter Piper Pizza, which is fine, but we had intended for a big water slide and sunshine. That’s what you get for planning. Can’t complain, pretty certain that is the last cold day til November. Just be ready for the complaints about the heat in a month or so. Just warning you.

Well that is my rambly updated post for now.. Oh some exciting news from IFCR!

“IFCR proudly announces its the 2012 Grant program: The International Foundation for CDKL5 Research ( has committed $150,000 in grants for clinical research projects to begin studying seizures, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues as they relate to CDKL5. In addition, IFCR is pledging an additional $200,000 in research support for ongoing projects. These are your dollars at work! Thank you for supporting IFCR, we cannot do this without you!”

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