Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Today is my husband’s 31st birthday! He is 31! I remember I couldn’t wait for him to join me in my 30’s, it would make us feel like we weren’t as far apart in age if we were both in our 30’s, but who was I kidding, age is just a number… after this life we’ve lived together we must be really somewhere in our 50’s.
I remember his 19th birthday, I bought him a skateboard.
I remember being mad at him on his 21st birthday because he bought… no he financed a little motorcycle.

I remember his 23rd we had a huge bash at our house for him. Lily had just had her brain surgery a few weeks earlier and Andi Jane was a few weeks of officially joining us in our family. We thought a party was much needed.
I remember a huge surprise 25th party for him; I had it at my parent’s and totally surprised him. (I think actually disappointed him; he thought he was going out for a steak dinner)
I remember my bitterness ruining his 29thbirthday.
I remember doing my best to make his 30th his best day yet.
And today he is 31. From 19 to 31.. wow.. I like to joke I had more tattoos than him when we first met. Oh it seems like worlds away. We met and fell in love in moments. It was the fastest relationship I had ever not only had, but seen. We jumped into everything and it could have ended just as easily.
I am so glad we decided together to do this thing. Together to change. Together to live.
I am a lucky woman today. I am a happy woman today. I am married to the man I need and am better for it.
Today we will celebrate yet another year of his life. Another year we have grown and another year we have rocked it.
I love you Andrew Steven, you are an awesome guy and I know this next year will continue to rock because we know who to trust in and let drive this ship of life.

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