Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I remember driving around with my mom and sister and on the radio is blaring “Just another Manic Monday” and my sister and I are singing our hearts out. I didn’t get it. Sunday was not a fun day, that was church day. Saturday was my fun day. I didn’t realize however just how true that song would ring to me, what 20 years later. Mondays are manic.
Lily did well in OT and Speech. She did great in Hippo, but it is already getting too hot and we will have to move Hippo (Horse) from Monday at 11am to Mondays at 7 am (!). She did great in music therapy as well. After Music we had to go to the hospital for the study. Thank God though it was (finally) a quick one. Blood pressure, weight check and give them the old meds and journals and got new ones. Quick but still annoying.
Tuesday both girls had a dental apt. It was Andi’s first and Lily’s second cleaning. Lily did awesome, just like last time. We were complimented on her great teeth and I take 100% credit for that one. She did great and loved it. She loves that little suction thing. She is so cute. Everyone there loved her shoes and kept telling me how beautiful she is.
We go to the best dental office. It is for kids only and man are they good. I just wish everywhere we went Lily was treated like that.
Andi was adorable and of course had everyone laughing. She is quite the character. They said her teeth are all in and perfect. Her next appointment she will get a cleaning.

**I was just at lunch and left this post open to finish when I came back. While at lunch I got a phone call from Lily’s teacher. Lily had a 5 minute grand mal. I’m pretty upset. A lot upset. I have yet to see that big of a seizure in quite sometime. I knew they were creeping up on us. Little 15-30 second ones, one to two times a day. But not a 5 minute one. Things have been going so great. So smooth. I am sick to my stomach that stopping Vigabitrine, getting on this study has been a horrible idea. A horrendous idea. I could be getting ahead of myself. I am not sure. I will see if this happens again, but I am just sick about this. **

One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. Tiffany says:

    Agree with the manic mondays! It seems like it takes me 2 days to get my house in order from the weekend. Ugg! I am so sorry that Lily had that big one. Poor thing. I will keep her in my prayers.

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