Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily is finally on the road to good health. She was refusing to eat all weekend and was just weak and tired. But today she woke up happy, ate her breakfast and was excited to get on the bus.
Sunday I finally made arrangements for her to attend Sunday School at our new church in her age group. We started a new church last November since ours closed down, but we had Lily sit with us the entire service. I am always nervous about sending Lily into a new place with new strangers. I’m not big on strangers. I am also not big on Lily in hands that I do not know. It is funny we just send Andi in on her way and trust things are safe, but with Lily it isn’t so easy.
There are so many fears involved. Of course the major medical ones like a seizure. Or someone feeding her and she chokes. But it is the smaller things that I fear more. Will she just sit there all by herself? Will the kids whisper and giggle about her? Will her teacher be afraid of not knowing what to do with her and in return do nothing with her? Every parent wants their child to be accepted. To be happy. To feel safe. When you have a special child, those wants and fears are escalated.
I spoke with a woman on the phone prior to coming to church and she went above and beyond. She got Lily a helper who will be with Lily every week, who will make sure Lily is not in the corner. Will kids still stare, in the beginning I am sure they will, but with time Lily will be a member of their class and she will be what they know. She will bless them as much as they bless her.
Let me say when I picked her up from the class she was in a happy mood. She stayed in that mood the entire day! The teacher said she was happy the whole time. She was alert and enjoyed the class. I asked the teacher if she thinks it will work out weekly and she said, of course!
I feel relieved. As I am sure the rest of the congregation who has been listening to the high pitched singing of Lily in the middle of prayer! 🙂

Yesterday was therapy day and she is so funny. We start at hippo therapy at 7am. And that girl complains the entire time of grooming the horse, Ruby. She cries and cries and we always think, oh it will be one of those days, but no, then she just gets on Ruby and rides like a champ. All smiles. She looks so regal with her helmet and her proper posture. It is really pretty funny because Lily is so typical sometimes. She is just like all the other kids who don’t want to work before play. She is just used to getting out of things when she cries so she may whine a little more, but she doesn’t get out of it. And she won’t. Our little drama Queen. Always has been always will be.

3 week count down for the study to end! Yeah!

One thought on “Sunday’s with Lily

  1. Danielle says:

    1. The below post about ‘take a leak’ was hysterical. You can’t make that stuff up!2. I am SO glad Lily found a place a church! I volunteered in our special-needs ministry a lot last year and loved it. Glad it will work out for you!

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