Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So there is a lot to update, but I really don’t wanna. I am sticking out my tongue with my hands on my hips. I, my friends, am pouting.
Looking in Lily’s back pack last week brought me from laughter to tears in about 2.6. First I read Lily’s note in her folder and the note her teacher wrote made me laugh. She said, “Not at all interested in my world, but loved her world. She was laughing and singing”. That made me laugh. So Lily. So Lily to be involved in herself entirely. Yes I know it screams autism, but whatever. I prefer it to scream LILY.
But then, hey what is this? It is an envelope with Andrew and my name on it. Humm… this looks professional, what is this? I saw the words “heavy heart” and mine started to race. Nothing is good that has to do with a heavy heart. I read that Lily’s teacher, the one who has done the most amazing job with her, is leaving. It is a great opportunity for her. We are happy for her, she will be helping other children, she is an amazing person and we are glad for this year we had with her, but selfishly I cried. I cried, no. No. No. No.
No. Last year we had to leave preschool and the best home we have ever known and Mrs. Jean. Last May I cried daily on the days leading up to saying goodbye and when it finally happened I was an emotional wreck. But we moved on. We will always love Mrs. Jean and see her and maintain a relationship, but we had to move on. We had to move on to the scary land of public school. I had to send my baby to a big place with lots of kids and all new people. I cried.
But it has been a great experience. Lily’s teacher has been so incredibly amazing. Lily gets to do things all the time. She is in a warm place with warm people all around her and I pray that even with losing her teacher, we will still have everyone else. I am praying, and praying that her new teacher will come in with a mission. That she will have fresh ideas and excited about her/his job. I pray it will be a good thing. I know when dealing with special kiddos and schools it is a crap shoot. You have to have the right teacher for your child to benefit and so far Lily has.
We are so sad to see Mrs. A go, but we have to say our prayers that this is all in the plan and someone new will know what they are doing and Lily will not miss out.
Arrgggghhh this was such a good year for her. Please, please, please let the next year be as great.
I’m still sad though. The last day of school is the 28th.

Study wise we are on our last two weeks! We go in on the 27th for our last long appointment. Then we get the medicine for real and we only go back monthly from now on. Unfortunately we still have to bring in urine every month, but what can you do? Praying once on this new med she’ll improve seizure wise and not show ill effect on the med.

Pray, pray, pray.

Andrew and I am going to NYC in 2 weeks and one day! The girls are going to Greer with my parents and we are going on our first real vacation since we became parents! Woo HoO!

2 thoughts on “Once again, a sad May

  1. Tiffany says:

    kim,I can’t believe you are losing your teacher. What a bummer! Everything always happens for a reason. I hate stressful school stuff!

  2. Kelly says:

    When God closes a door, he always opens a window. Remember, someone hired that great teacher that is leaving, which means they may replace her with someone even better!

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