Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So yesterday we went to Hippo therapy (horse) and after grooming and getting out to the arena we put Lily on the horse and we both (PT and myself) thought something looked weird. Then PT says, “we forgot Lily’s pads!” I said “wanna hold her and I’ll run and get them” she said “no, let’s see how she does”. A little nervous (me), we started walking and wouldn’t you know it, Lily stayed on the entire time, over 30 minutes! I felt like Lily needed a seat belt of some sort, she just looked so big on there with no support! But not only did she do it, she did it well. It was incredible! We realized Lily only seemed to need that support because she used it because she had it. We always knew that about Lily, if you sit behind her she will lean, if you don’t she’ll sit on her own. Same with the horse. She was super tired afterwards, but that was amazing! Next week I will bring the camera.
She is always amazing us. Maybe I will just let go of her while standing…. just kidding.

One thought on “Go Lily, Go Lily

  1. Lesley says:

    Sarah is just the same, will lean on anything slightly resembling support and then her posture is terrible. Less is best! Take it all away and she sits straight up. Sure, she gets tired and then I let her rest.Her lightweight wheelchair has armrests that flip up. I have to always keep the right armrest up and out of the way or else she folds herself right over it 🙂

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