Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

The long awaited three weeks has come. Well technically I saw Lily’s first seizure on three weeks, two days but we were pretty sure she was having them before those full body convulsions, so I think I can start breathing a little easier. Oliver is well. NOT having seizures and seems to be getting more alert and stronger by the day. I really love having a son. I know right now the sex doesn’t matter much, they just eat, sleep, poop and pee but something about him just makes me so happy. So complete now. I love that we decided to have one more baby. I won’t lie, it is hard at times. He is up every two hours at night and he gets up up around 4-5am and is hard to get back to sleep, when he is back to sleep it is time to get up with Lily and get her on the bus. Then Andi wakes up while getting Lily ready and she needs to be fed as well. Well she kinda gets the short end of the stick and gets thrown some toast or something, but I pay more attention to her after Lily is on the bus. But it is more work with far less sleep so it isn’t easy, but I know this too will pass. He will slowly start to sleep longer and then he will get bigger and bigger and need me less and less. I think this is what being a parent for a third time does to you, you take a lot less for granted. Right now I have Oliver on my chest while Andi watches Yo Gabba Gabba. Should I put him down, probably, but this baby smell doesn’t last very long and well my desire to smell him is far stronger than my desire to get up and fold laundry.
It’s Andrew’s birthday today! Big 27! Such a young whipper snapper! 27 with 3 kids. He has grown up so much in our marriage and I am so proud of the man he has become. I am so thankful that he is my kids dad!
The girls are good. Lily is healthy finally, no more runny nose. Andi got it though, she has an ear infection. I took her with me to Oliver’s check up and had the Dr. check her out. You’d never know it though, she is so not acting sick. Oliver weighed 10 lbs! Holy crap! He is growing like a weed already! He is almost out of his 0-3 month clothes already. He is so tall.
What a messy post. Oh well, I have an excuse. I’m tired.

One thought on “3 weeks

  1. Meritt says:

    Smiling at Andrew… cuz of course we got married when I was 18 and my husband was 19 and sure enough – we had our 3rd child when my husband turned 27. :)Good to hear the little guy is doing so well. Hang in there Mom! Sleep will return… some day. LOL.

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