Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

We are on day 3 of fall break. Both our girls are on a modified year round schedule, they go for 9 weeks and take two off all year long until the 6 week summer break.
The first day we went to the park. The second day we went to the zoo. The third day we will be going to the pediatrician. Sigh. Andi Jane spiked a fever last night and it’s still running strong. I wouldn’t take her to the doctor except for her tongue is white and her throat hurts and man alive her breath smells like she dined on a poop sandwich. We can’t get in until 4:45pm but it works out well since Andrew can be home with the other two. Lily has PT at 5pm and Oliver is sleeping so I’d like him to continue doing that. I’m worried she has strep. I’d hate for the other kiddos to get it. Andi Jane has been so clingy, I get it, but ugh! She wants to be on my lap, she won’t nap, she just wants on me. She wants me to feed her when I am trying to feed Lily and Oliver and I get it, I do, but it’s hard. I am praying whatever it is will be over quick and if antibiotics will kick it then we want them now.
Lily is doing better on the new med. Her jerks and drops really seem to be less in frequency and she isn’t tired anymore. Her appetite is still not the same and we still have two more increases so she’s living off pedisure and probably will be for the next few weeks.
The timing is so dumb, she will have her VNS battery replaced on the 20th. She goes back to school on the 21st. So her fall break will probably end up being 3 weeks long. I did get her on the cancellation list and told the nurse she is off school and this week or next would be much better, but I doubt she’ll get in any sooner.
So that is the happenings over here. I will update what happens at the Dr’s when we get home. My poor spunky girl.
Not so spunky.

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