Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

103 degree fever, chills, cough, sore throat, tummy ache, all signs point to swine flu. Or so says the doctor. He is the least worry wart doctor we’ve ever met so when he said that, I believe him. He says Andi should be fine, she will need rest, fluids, and to stay away from her siblings.
He is very concerned about Lily getting it. He said the minute she gets a fever and cough bring her in for the tamaflu. We’re just going to pray Andi is the only one affected. She is our toughie so she’ll be fine. Oliver and Lily maybe not so much.
Andi was a bit delirious yesterday, but she was still so cute. It’s funny how she can be so sick and act so sweet and other times be healthy as a horse and act the like hind end of a horse.
Her voice is really hoarse (horse, hoarse, ha ha) and last night she said “I like the way I sound now, it is much better than the way I used to talk”. I had to laugh because earlier that evening Andrew and I were saying she sounds more like Kandi than Andi, if you catch my drift. For those of you who don’t we meant she sounds like a stripper. I’m not sure if that is really how strippers sound, not sure if I know any strippers, I mean I guess I could, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I guess it isn’t nice to say people with hoarse voices sound like strippers…! Was that a tangent or what? Errrr let’s steer this back on track.
Last night I was thinking about the olden days, and kids in third world countries and how they handle being sick. Andi went about 8 hours yesterday without Motrin and that kid was sick. I mean sick. Her face was hot, her cheeks bright pink, chills, she’d say silly things, I just can’t imagine what it would be like to not have something as simple as Motrin for sickness. I guess that is how kids died back in the past and now in places where they can’t get Motrin. How devastating is that thought? Heartbreaking. Makes me want to buy a bunch and send it out. Is there a program for that? I mean Starbucks sends coffee to troops. There has to be Motrin to kids who need it program. Tangent, but a better one this time.
I want to give a little Andi brag since she is so cute and sweet when she is sick. Still running at 100 even with Motrin right now. I was catching up with Oprah and there is a mom who was burned pretty badly in a plane crash, her story was pretty popular on the blogs. Anyway, she was very inspirational and Andi saw her and said “she is beautiful just the way she is”. Sniff sniff.
Pray Lily and Oliver can stay oink free please.

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