Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

After Andi’s pediatrician put the fear of God in me if Lily got the swine flu I was on high alert. Yesterday morning Lily felt warm and was running a 100.3 degree fever. Under normal conditions I would just let it ride, but knowing Andi as of yesterday was on day 6 of her fever and a nasty cough, I knew I couldn’t let this ride. Lily has her VNS implant Tues the 20th, she can’t be sick and have surgery. I called and they wanted to see both the girls, Andi shouldn’t still have a fever 6 days later says the nurse. Our Dr. was out of town, nice timing Doc the whole city of Chandler/Gilbert is sick. We go in, thankfully Andrew is able to stay home with the baby so he can stay away from that disease ridden place, holy cow that was one sick waiting room. The other Dr. sees the girls and he was very throughout, he decided to do a swab test to check for influenza, something not done on Andi last week and both girls were negative. He said the test is only about 60% correct. He could hear fluid in Andi’s lungs and rx her antibiotics and said if she still has a fever on Wed to come back in. For Lily, who was at the appointment wiggy, giggly and totally not sick like, he let me make the call as far as treatment. I said with the chances of her ending up like Andi and having surgery next week let’s go with the Tamaflu. He agreed he was so nice, side note, the girls typical Dr. is very attractive so when I called Andrew to tell him I really liked the Dr that saw the girls, I had to let him know that although he was a great Dr he wasn’t as easy on the eyes. I swear I heard his eyes roll. I like to keep it real though.
Anyway, Walgreens still hasn’t gotten the Tamaflu in yet. This morning Lily is only running at 99 and she ate and is in fine spirits, I think I will still give her the med though. Andi still has a fever, today is day 7 but we’ll see what the antibiotics do. I doubt she is still contagious. We’ve been home bound for freaking ever! I’m dying here! The girls still have fall break and we haven’t done jack squat.
I’ve given everyone who comes to our home the option to not come and pretty much everyone has stayed away, but Lily’s new hab/attendant care worker has still been coming and has been so helpful. Yesterday Lily wasn’t up to working so she used her attendant hours to clean around the house. It was so nice! And as much as I adore Lily, it is nice to take a little break from feeding her, changing her, brushing her teeth, etc and she did that all for me. She is coming tomorrow too.
I’m crossing every finger and toe that we can at least get to the State Fair this Friday, the admission is only a dollar and would be a fun way to close up this crappy break. Although Lily isn’t due back to school until the 21st and she won’t go back then due to the surgery, her fall break will continue much longer. Andi however will be back to school Monday at 12:30pm. Oh yes she will.

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