Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So it’s been a bit of a sad day. Oliver is sick. He spiked a fever Tuesday night and it has been going on ever since. He has a cough, runny nose and high fever. Last night was 103 and tonight it was the same. But when the Motrin kicks in he is a wild man. 2 hours ago he was hot, whiney and clingy. Now it is 8:30pm and he is crawling and climbing, playing peek-a-boo all the while his big sister is fast asleep in bed. Andi Jane went to stay at the rental Grandma and Grandpa Nothdurft are staying in. I thought I’d be in bed by now watching Grey’s Anatomy but little man has other plans. He sure is cute. Lucky!
What was really sad today was the discussion I had with Andi Jane. Andrew and I went to Old Navy last Saturday, just us two, since G & G N are in town we are taking full advantage! We see some boots that are UGG knock offs but bright pink with hearts and flowers. Totally adorable! Andrew sees them and says we have to get those for Andi. I agree and we get them. We bring them home and she is in love with them! She wears them with what she was wearing. The next day, Sunday, she wore a black sundress with hot pink winter boots to church. Monday to pre school she wore a pink dress, tights and the boots. Then she says she wants to wear tennis shoes on Tuesday and on Wednesday, then today I say “your boots would match, wear them!” she says “no” I ask “why” and she says “Mary (name has been changed) says my boots are not cute.” “What?” I ask and she says the same thing again. I say “who cares” but Andi Jane cares. Although I am upset I let it go for a bit and tell her to get ready. She starts playing with Oliver, not getting ready, and he squawks a bit, probably because he is not feeling well, but Andi overreacts and cries, “He doesn’t like me!” I go to her and say “what is going on?” and she just starts bawling “Mary doesn’t like me! She is always mean to me!” Well I immediately grab her and hold her and try to dry my eyes before talking more to her. I realize she might be exaggerating, and I also realize Andi is the child who is constantly told to keep her hands to herself so maybe not everyone is a fan of hers, but it still broke my heart that she was heartbroken. I started fishing and I guess there have been a couple incidents that have happened, just things like Andi called her best friend and she said she was not her best friend, but Andi said that her teacher has stepped in and said we are all friends, so I know she is in a safe loving environment. I know kids don’t all get along, I just wasn’t ready for this to happen so early. I am even more aware that this is only the beginning. I know. Take it from the girl who had the school article that was written about her hung up in the courtyard with holes in the face and the word b*tch written all over. I know. I just wish she didn’t have to know.
This parenting thing never lessens up, does it?

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