Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I dx Oliver this weekend with roseola. He got a rash Saturday evening after his mysterious high fever went away. I remembered Lily having that when she was a baby and so I googled it and sure enough he had every freaking symptom. I called the on call nurse just to be sure the rash wasn’t something to worry about, but she agreed he sounded like it was roseola. He seemed himself again today, finally! We will see though tonight. He has been getting up and just not going back to sleep. I feel like I’m taking care of a newborn again and pray tonight he goes back to a blissful 12 hour stretch of sleep.
Lily is not sleeping all that well lately either and it really shows in her attitude during the day. She was so sleepy in horse therapy today she didn’t do too well.
A good note on Andi Jane, I talked her into wearing her boots today and prepped her with the who cares speech that she can give if Mary gives her a hard time, but Mary didn’t say a word about the boots. Andi Jane also said Mary was happy when Andi got to school and wanted to play with her, so while little girls can be mean, they can also be quite forgetful and also forgiving, so I can rest a little easy…for now.
It’s 8:30pm and Oliver whom I just put down an hour ago is crying from his crib. Not a good sign. Not at all.
Oh and I have to say we are thoroughly enjoying Grandpa Steve and Grandma Cheryl who are down for awhile. We are having a great time and Grandma Cheryl is helping me so much I don’t want to think about her leaving on Friday 😦
Gotta get the baby boy…

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