Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Turn the music up, it’s Christmas.
I love Christmas time. I love the music, the chill in the air (note AZ chill, not that ridiculous weather most of you deal with), getting the perfect gift…I don’t think I have done as good of a job at it as I typically do, I blame this solely on Oliver and intend on being back in the swing of things hopefully by next year. But regardless of being ready or not, I love the whole month of December. I have a birthday 6 days prior to Christmas so it really feels like it is one fun thing on top of the next and it doesn’t end until Jan 1st, so no I don’t just like Christmas, I love December.
One of my favorite things is Christmas music. I know it is corny, but I have never claimed to be anything but corny. I can only get away with it about a week leading up to Christmas with Andrew in the car, but if you are riding with me and it is December buckle up and turn it up…fa la la la la la la la la. Or for you Christmas Story fans (and who isn’t?) Far ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra.
With this Christmas post I am sharing with you my three favorite songs of this season.
In no particular order, these are the three songs I will indefinitely listen to either just going to the store or going to the mountains. These songs Andi can sing and I’m sure Lily and Oliver know them too; they just can’t sing them along….yet.
These are as follows and of course in no particular order:
1.) Santa Baby. And only the original will do, by Eartha Kitt. If Madonna’s version shows up on the radio with that Brooklyn accent she is turned right off. What song is more fun for us girls to sing? Who doesn’t want to karaoke that in a sexy santa dress. You know you all WANT to do it, this I know. “Slip a sable under the tree, for me” “Been an angel all year”
2.) Baby, it’s cold outside. There are several versions of this song I enjoy. The original is probably the best, but I will always still hold a candle for Nick and Jessica and I still think they will get back together, because they really ought to. So because I probably was the only human who really enjoyed their Christmas special they did many years ago, I choose the duet they did to Baby it’s cold outside. The banter back and forth is really very cute.
3.) Mary did you know just about any version will do. I’ve always enjoyed the Wynonna Judd and Kenny Rogers version, but lately I’ve really been liking the Clay Aiken one. The song was just a song until Christmas 2002 when I was holding my own sleeping child in my arms and I listened to those words, really listened to those words, it hit me. I could feel what I could only imagine what Mary felt. Loving this tiny creature with a love you have never imagined before. Every mom thinks my baby can be anything he/she wants, and Mary was no different. She knew what the angels told her, she knew that her baby would save our world. But in that moment, the moment he was in her arms as she sat there and held him, watched him breath those tiny baby breaths, marveled in his sweet smell amongst the other smells that weren’t as sweet in that stable, as she kissed his sweet head she wasn’t thinking this is the son of God, she thought this is my son. Yet as the song so eloquently puts it, “when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God. Oh Mary did you know.” Do I think Mary knew? No. I think Mary just knew what all we new moms know. This baby right here in my arms will save my life. And she was right. .
Merry Christmas my friends and family! I pray we never forget why we celebrate this blessed day. I too get caught up in the excitement, the gifts, Santa and it is all fun, but if we ignore the whole reason this holiday was set upon we will be missing out on the most important gift of all.
Much love from our family to yours.

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