Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Christmas 2009 will be remembered by Lily missing her two front teeth. Andi Jane exclaiming “this is a dream come true” when she was riding the princess bike Grandma and Grandpa D got for her and taking advantage of my love bug baby boy having no clue what Christmas was and only getting him 3 little gifts.
He got gifts from all our family members as well so I shouldn’t have gotten him anything 🙂
He was so cute though with these little soft cars he got from his aunt and uncle. He crawls around and he rolls the cars with him. Amazing how boys are just ingrained to love cars and girls to love baby dolls.
Relying on construction for your paycheck during this recession is not fun business and it was the littlest we had to work with this year regarding gifts, but no one cared or noticed. The kids were happy, Santa even managed to find the dumb zue zue pet hamster, I’m pretty sure he found it via Ebay 😉 But we were all happy and I am pretty certain we have made memories for our kids (well the ones who can remember) and that is most certainly what matters.
Happy New Year my friends. Let’s hope 2010 is far better than 2009. Although getting my love bug baby boy outta 2009 was really the sweetest thing to have happened, there were some sad losses this year and life changing decisions made. It was not a year we look back and say that was a great year, but it was an important one and we are better people for having bad years and taking better notice of the good years. I am certain good things are to come 2010.
Tons of December pix uploading on flickr 🙂

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