Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

My baby turned 11 months yesterday, ok our baby, but ahhh he is my little cuddly lovie boy. And he turned 11 months yesterday. I really thought his babyhood would have lasted longer. I thought if I appreciated his infancy, reveled in it all, he would have stayed a baby longer. But nope. He’s almost a year. And he took 3 steps to me today! We were loosing hope in him walking, he has been crawling since the day he turned 5 months. He was pulling up at 6 months and cruising at 7 months. We were sure he’d be walking at 9 months. 10 for sure. I mean the child climbs up the couch, but walking he says no way. He stands for at least 10 seconds, claps for himself then goes down and crawls. And he crawls fast! So tonight in the kitchen we couldn’t believe our eyes when he went from Andrew and took 3 steps to me!
And today he cut his 7th tooth. Lily’s loosing the teeth and Oliver’s getting them. And Andi Jane is pretending hers are loose.
Oh and who watches Modern Family? That show is hilarious!!! I love it!

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