Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’m sitting here at 9:52pm, just barely got the boy to sleep (what was that all about?) and the house is quiet. Andrew went up north again and this time took with him Andi Jane AND Lily. It’s a nice break, but honestly, I’m bored. I had to do a lot of cleaning to get ready for Ollie’s party next week and yeah, well the baby isn’t much for conversation, so yeah I am bored. My mom used to tell me that I must be a boring person as a rebuttal to my 20 calls a day to her at work during the summer break telling her how bored I was. So I guess I am indeed a boring person. It’s amazing how busy I always thought I was when I just had Lily and now caring for a baby by itself is a piece of cake. It isn’t really, but compared to having all three at home, yeah it’s easy. I’m tired and talking like a crazy person. It’s funny how different life is when you are alone. Like eating for instance. Last night I made myself a nice salad, a yummy pasta Andrew doesn’t really like and had a beer. But today, today I did not feel like cooking yet I had no idea what I wanted to eat. I had the opportunity to eat anything I wanted, yet had no clue. Andrew gets so annoyed when I say “I don’t care” to his dinner ideas and this should be proof, all alone with any food choice I desire, and I still don’t care. I did however have to eat and made a nice choice of Pei Wei.
Oliver is being a sweet boy despite the fact he still has an ear infection. We went into for a follow up and his ears were still a mess! I was shocked! He is clingy, but I sort of thought it was a personality flaw. Maybe once they do clear he will be able to do an activity for longer than 15 minutes without looking for me and crying at me when I walk away to do laundry. You’d think I kicked him in the head when I walked by him without acknowledging him. Tears and all. My baby boy. He is a walker now too. Like that is what he does, no mas crawling. No mas dirty knees, maybe the calluses will be gone now.
Lily got antibiotics as well to try to get rid of the green gunk she’s had for freaking ever. I haven’t seen her today, but yesterday it was still pretty bad. Poor kid. She needs a nose sucker machine. Anyone have one?
My mom called me a little while ago and said Andi Jane is coughing and has a fever. I couldn’t believe it. She was just sick 2 weeks ago with fever, ear infection, pink eye. How can she be sick again? She got the flu mist on Wednesday and I was told to keep an eye out for cold symptoms, but my mom said she is very hot and coughing bad. WT?????? How can a child be sick that often? I don’t get it. Andrew said she only went down the hill once and was crying and whining and that makes sense now. My poor girl. And she was breast fed for 26 months! There goes the healthier kids argument.
Wow! Call me Ramble Mcrambler. I’m tired, good night. My family (the rest) comes home tomorrow!

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