Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

It took me awhile to send Lily to class at our church. Then when I got comfortable with the kindergarten class I kept her there for 2 years and then finally this past September we put her in a class of kids her age (2nd grade). The room is separate from the sanctuary so this was scary for me. She wasn’t just outside the door; she was outside the door into outside and into another room. But we took her. Andrew typically drops the kids off since I need to get to my class to teach aka baby-sit and he always tells me about this little girl who is so nice to Lily. I think it is sweet, but ignore him since we are always busy talking and chasing kids. So one day I am the one to drop off Lily and there she is. She says “Lily is here!” she shoves a chair out of the way and helps me steer Lily and sits right next to her. I’m caught a little of guard by this as most the other kids just stare as we wheel by. I say bye to Lily and go into church and tell Andrew about this little girl, he lets me know that he’s told me about her many times before. Well I can’t get her out of my head so today with a sleeping baby in my arms I ask the children’s ministry leader who this little girl is and who is her mom. I needed to meet this woman. She gave me their names and I was going to look them up when I got home, but while I was in the nursery waiting for moms to come pick up their kids, in walks a darling family asking to see Kim. I say I’m Kim and recognize the little girl, they tell me that they were sent here to talk to me and I just blurted out “I just wanted to thank you for raising such an awesome little girl” I was blubbery and rambled and not really sure what I managed to get out. I had planned to formulate a well written email thanking them. Because I am much better in this form that verbally. But there they were right in my face and the mom started to cry so then I had to change the subject since I’m not a fan of that crying stuff. I found out that it is indeed a small world and her son is in the AM class that Andi attends PM. The dad told me how he appreciated me telling him what I told them. I’m not even sure what I said, but I just needed them to know that their little girl made my world feel safer. I’m sure they already were but I wanted them to be proud to have such an amazing child with a heart like that. I’m weepy and emotional today. That did something to me. Being able to let parents know that they are doing the right thing, made me feel so good.
A few weeks ago my beautiful 19 year old niece Ariel spent the day with Andi Jane and a couple days later she sent me and email about Andi and what a great kid she is and tells me it is because of our parenting and because of Lily that Andi is who she is. That email swelled my heart and I feel that I gave those parents that feeling as well today.
I love our church. I love that I get to be a part of a church that doesn’t just say pray for others, it does for others. A team went to Haiti with Dr’s and nurses last week on a whim, because it needed to be done. I will share the blog so you can see for yourself the selflessness of these people. This church cleans up neighborhoods in our own city as well as builds homes in Mexico and changes lives in Malawi. I came home today knowing that money I sent went straight to Haiti last week. I love being a part of something that doesn’t just say we should do something, they DO something. I come home every Sunday feeling empowered to follow my dreams and passions! Church isn’t just signing a hymn from page 83 and reading scriptures that make no sense. It is living and loving God by living and loving other people. Can I get an Amen?
Here is the blog:

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