Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Last night we were around the table for dinner and Andi, as usual, was bouncing off the walls, reaching too far and knocking things over. Andrew as usual threatens a ridiculous threat that he won’t follow through with, I hope, and tells her if she reaches instead of asks again he will cut her fingers off. I decide to play along and tell her that daddy used to do that for a living. If kids were bad the daddy’s would call daddy in to cut the kids fingers off. She of course didn’t bite and said, “what’s their names?” I said “well I know about Billy whose son Jacob wouldn’t listen so daddy went to their house and cut his fingers off”. Then I added in that was how daddy used to made his money, but he quit doing it because he didn’t want to be mean anymore.
Andi sits for a minute absorbing this and says “you should do it again dad”, “why” I ask astonished, “so you can make more money and I can go to Ayden’s (her cousins) birthday party in South Dakota.”
Wow. I knew she wanted to go to his birthday party, and I told her we didn’t have enough money to fly there for it, what I didn’t know was she’d risk little children’s fingers to get there. Who is this child? She couldn’t possibly have come from me.

**note to public** no fingers would ever be cut off. No CPS calls necessary.

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