Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I just finished The Book Thief and I am in the mood to title my blog like each title of that book.
I have not updated and I apologize. Spring break invaded our lives and like a tornado it messed everything up.
Grandma Cheryl came 2 weeks ago for AJ’s big number 5 birthday and boy did I take full advantage of Grandma! We had so much fun! We went to the zoo, we had Andi’s birthdy at the park. We went bowling. It was fun. Then she left and spring break became not so fun. Did I mention we are on modified year round schedule so spring break is 2 weeks not one? Well that is the case. Andi went back today and Lily goes tomorrow but wouldn’t you know we couldn’t get Lily into a couple doctors until this week, so she goes back tomorrow for a couple hours then I have to take her our for an eye check up. Then Wed she goes to school and I have to take her out for neuro. But this neuro apt is much needed since her seizures freaking suck (I know I am poetic). She is having these really hard drops that make her loose all control. It is so sad to see, and not to mention how often I have to see them 😦
Friday she has no school for Easter break so really it’s been like a 3 week spring break, but honestly at least AJ is back in prek. That child needs her friends and some structure.
Last Friday I took Lily to GI because I was afraid her bouts of crying and her constant need for suppositories was not good and sure enough they figure she is really backed up. He gave a me a regimine to give her this past weekend and would you believe that even with a senakot a day for three days and miralax daily she is still barely going. My poor girl. We may have to take some more drastic measures if we can’t get her to go, but we’ll see if we can’t help her at home first. She has gone and seems much more comfortable, but there is more to go. I know gross. But it is unfortunately a serious problem with kiddos with Lily and if not properly taken care of can cause devistating effects. I will not let that happen. So let’s pray for more poop!
Poor Oliver is still having ear infections and even with the infection is gone he constantly has fluid. Dr. doesn’t want to do tubes since it is becoming summer and he is not as suspecible to getting sick, but if he stil has fluid come May at his 15 mo check up we have no choice but to do tubes.
I feel bad that in most families that would probably be a major issue and in our family it barely hits the radar. So sad. It’s just been too much lately. Our wonderful hab worker had her last day on Saturday and nurse Jennie has her last day tomorrow. It’s so sad 😦 Not to mention scary to think of having someone new in our home. Sigh. But bright side is we found someone and she seems really great. Pray that is the case.
Oh the unicorn. We went to a party on Saturday at the park and wouldn’t you know a pnoy and unicorn showed up. Kid you not. One kid said it wasn’t a real unicorn and so Andi asked me and I said “what do you want to believe?” AJ said “that it’s a real unicorn” “well then baby it is” and she got to ride it.
What a spring break it has been. Can’t imagine what summer is going to be filled with.
I’m gonna get some new pictures up on flickr soon! Plus we got some adorable professional ones I want to share!

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