Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Good bye Nurse Jennie. You came when Lily was 4 and still in pre school. Andi Jane wasn’t yet 2. You saw our family grow from 4 to 5. You saw us at our best and at our worst. You mourned with us the loss of our beloved dog Hailey, you were a nurse to our whole family answering questions about “is this normal?” or “should we go to the doctor?” and all the while took exceptional care of Lily. I trusted every minute you were home with her and we all felt like family. I can’t believe our time had to end and it is so obvious the kids miss you. Andi had a brave exterior when she walked you out, but she ended up in her room sobbing. It was heart breaking to see her so heart broken. And I know if Lily could express herself she would have done the same thing.

We miss you already and I have already had a dream that you were back to work, what a bummer when I woke up.

We did find someone to work your shift, but we don’t know if she will ever fill your shoes.

Thank you for all you did for us Jennie! We love you and will miss you! Good luck!

One thought on “Good Bye

  1. I am so sad that your sweet nurse had to leave. We have had three in the past four years that have become part of our family, Ivey's second mother, and my friend. All the others that have come and gone or worked other shifts are wonderful (most of them 🙂 ) – but our nurses are here at night and most people don't even realize that they exist as part of our family. Good luck filling those shoes.G.

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