Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Last week Lily got sick, this past weekend Andrew went camping so I let my dear friend Julie take care of the kids and me, I may be a bit of a mooch, so what! AND the wifi on my laptop is no bueno so I have to stand in my kitchen to go on line and nothing seems that worthy online. Many good things come out of not being able to hop online.
1. I save lots of money not being able to jump on and whenever.
2. I don’t sit and read status updates on FB instead of doing stuff with the kids. (now I can still read them on my phone and I do so I am no Mother Theresa)
3. I don’t blog about nothing. Just when I feel it’s necessary to bore you.

But things are good, extra hetic! I’m so glad we got my beautiful niece Ariel qualified to be Lily’s respite worker. She is down from Flagstaff (NAU) for the summer and doing great, helping me out so much and school isn’t even out yet! I had Lily’s IEP at 7:30 am today and Andrew had a can’t miss meeting at work so sweet Ariel came to my house at 7am to watch all three kids! Meeting went well and Lily’s awesome teacher will be back again next year (her past two teachers both left at the end of the year) and we’re excited for her to start 3rd (gulp) grade!
We don’t have a final word on Andi taking the bus with Lily, but I’m pretty sure it will work out.
I just can’t believe 2/3 of my kids will be in school! Wow!
Lily starts back with horse therapy tonight at a new stable so this should be fun. She’s had a long break so it will be nice to get her back in the saddle again….(Andrew would give me a simple wow after that quick wit)
Friday I head off to Co Springs for the Rett Syndrome conference, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I’m excited, but very nervous about leaving everyone. Another big gulp. I hope to meet some of you CDKL5 and Rett mamas!

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