Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Wow…I am hardly over the fact that Lily is in school and now we have meet the teacher tonight for Lily AND Andi Jane. What? How did this happen? I used to joke and say “are there any better collaboration of words in the English language than All Day Kindergarten” but now that it is a mere 4 days away, I’m a wreck. With Lily I knew she was in a safe place. I knew she was picked up at home, taken off the bus by her teachers aide and in the class with a ratio of 2:1. She is safe. Every time I show up she is working, never just hanging around except for after lunch when she gets bean bag time. I knew all this and I was still worried about Lily going to school. Now cut to Andi Jane. She is 5. Not even 5 1/2 . She is going to be in a class with I am sure 20+ kids. She will have to go to the cafeteria and eat. She can be subjected to mean girls. She may be a mean girl. Oh my gosh…I am nervous. What if the teacher tells me she has ADD? A serious concern of mine. What if she can’t keep her hands to herself? What if she is such a chatty Kathy she gets sent to the Principal. What if she gets lost? Oh my gosh. What will I do with Oliver all day with out Andi Jane to play with him. Oh my gosh.
Yup that is how I am leaving this thing. Oh my gosh.

One thought on “School in?

  1. it all will be well am sure kathy will be fine n lily too

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