Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I haven’t been posting lately and it isn’t you it’s me. Things haven’t been normal around here and I’m not asking much for our normal. But it is over the top crazy and mama ain’t handling the crazy too well.
Just the other day I pick up an automatic dog water thing. Good idea, it is 110 + right now. I get home and fill it and water spills everywhere. I try a different approach, water spills everywhere. I try again. I finally give up and wait for Andrew to come home. I explain what is happening and he looks at it, looks at me and asks “did you read the instructions?” “Nope’ I say. “Did you even look at the picture on this thing?” “Nope”
He then shows me the picture on the automatic dog FOOD feeder.
I’m posting after getting to experience the men’s bathroom at the mall thanks to a super fast 18 month old.
I will be posting again and often, but I’m guessing it will September…..2020

One thought on “Mama hates the crazy

  1. Just hang in there…..and think..I think I can – I think I can…..

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