Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

It is with a heavy, heavy heart I say that beautiful Emmie is no longer with us, but is with our Lord and Savior dancing, singing and playing like her earthly body never allowed her to do. But even knowing where she is now, free, I still feel so much sorrow for my friend. For Emmie’s entire tight knit family and for our family of special needs moms that we have become over these past 5 years. I don’t know if I have ever felt a crush like this. It’s something we all fear and something we all carry in the back of our minds, but for it to become a reality, to one of US? It is unbelievable. Simply unreal.

I remember so clearly walking Lily into prek for the first day 5 years ago into Mrs. Jean’s class and I see on the floor this gorgeous girl I had never seen before. She had two side buns and gorgeous jewelry, cute top and this beautiful satin long blue skirt and I said, “I need to meet her mom, I know we will get along!” And we did. Tiffany and I bonded from the start. The prek the kids went to was at Foundation for Blind Children and not only were they amazing to our kids, they were amazing to us facilitating meetings for us moms, support group meetings. It was there we laughed, we cried, we learned. We all created a bond that can only be made by people with a unique common tie. We all came from different walks of life, religions, traditions, but we all loved and adored our special kids and that was the bond we made and we all loved each others kids as our own.

Birthday parties, Mom’s night outs, and the best, game nights! We all stayed in touch even when our kiddos moved on into the big bad world of public schools. We weren’t seeing each other as often, but that bond is still there. And the news of our dear sweet Emmie has rocked us all to our core.

Emmie, Emmie, Emmie….You will live on in our hearts forever. You are set free from a body that you had to fight every day.
We adore you, love you and miss you so much tremendously. Keep over your mama, daddy, little sisters and soon to come baby brother, they will need to know you are around.
Here are some fun memories I wanted to share:

4 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Marcia says:

    again, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Mary Halpin says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Mary Halpin says:

    Hi Kim,You said it perfectly…With much sadness and love, Mary Halpin(your friend from FBC)

  4. jean says:

    My heart is broken for Emmie's family and for all of us. The fabulous memories will live on forever. I have been so privileged to know all of you. The BFF pics are priceless – those were wonderful experiences for me. Thanks for sharing.

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