Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

2 days until the big day! The day I have been stressing out about for the last 2 months! I am excited, nervous and well freaking out. I am sooooo not a party planner, I am not someone who asks for anything. This is every bit out of my comfort zone, yet I’m amazed at how well it is going so far. There are a few things that I am really nervous about, but in my experience in life the things I get worried about and stress about always end up never as bad as I imagine. So let’s pray that is the case. I have the most amazing team of women who have helped me along the way from planning, to making, to doing. I am blessed to have the people in my life who help others because they want to. Thank you ladies and thank you to those who sent my email out and had friends send it out. The raffles items are amazing and I could have never asked for a cooler group of family and friends.
I am asking those who plan on attending to pre purchase tickets at and for those who cannot make it, please pray for a smooth running, succesful event.
I will update on Monday!

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