Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

We were running really late this morning, Lily had a 9am well check that I had already rescheduled 3 times and the lady on the phone from the Dr office made me feel like a felon so I had to make the appointment. Andi slept in late and I let her sleep as late as I could because I knew Lily woke her up around 3am and she had troubles going back to sleep. So we are all running around trying to get everyone loaded up to get Andi to school by 8:30am and have Lily at the Dr. by 9am. Andi was just in tears because all the shoes she wanted to wear no longer fit her. She was not happy with any of the shoes that fit her now. She didn’t understand why her feet grow so much. Drama, frustration, we finally get loaded up and headed to school and I realize Ollie had no shoes on.
We are too late for regular drop off and I tell Andi she has to go into the office, I mumble to tell them she is late because she couldn’t find shoes. I am crabby and kiss her and kick her out of the van.
We go about our day, Lily’s appointment is fine. Annoying since she needs no Dr. care, but whatever. I drop Lily back off at school, see Andi on the playground, wave to her and go about our day.
We had to take my cat to the vet since he recently had surgery and they had to remove the tube from belly. Sigh…. infected abscess… $500 later…
Ollie missed his nap. Needless to say less than awesome day.
I pick up Andi from school and ask her about getting a tardy pass. I asked her if they had asked her why she was late and she says “yeah I told them I couldn’t find shoes to match my outfit” I laughed out loud and asked her if she really said that and she said yes. I then asked what the front office lady said and she said she started to laugh and told the other ladies in the office and they were all laughing so she said she just ran to class.
I don’t know if it is because I really needed the laugh after this day/summer/life, but this just made me laugh with tears. I told Andi I really needed that laugh and then she started telling me jokes that didn’t make any sense. Oh my Andi. Such a character.

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