Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

When you think yeah things are gonna slow down they don’t. Or they do so much that you’re unmotivated to do anything. I’ve been dealing with so much lately and I am exhausted. Physically, emotionally drained. When I am struggling in life I go straight to writing and I have been, but it just hasn’t been public. I do hope in time I will be able to share what all has been involved in this past summer of hell but as of right now I cannot.
I did want to share some positive notes though! Andi Jane and I went on a Kindred Daughters Retreat this past Saturday. Kindred Daughters is a group that meets at church and it is where like minded moms meet who have the same goals for our daughters. Lily and Andi are both in KD with me, but Saturday was an all day retreat up north with hiking, archery, field games, etc, it wasn’t something I would be able to do with her and so I promised her a fun day with her and I that she will enjoy. Andi and I went to Prescott about a 2 hour drive. We had a great time. We really enjoyed all the games and lessons. Andi and I spent some time by ourselves praying in the woods and it was really nice. The entire day was really quite lovely.
Fri we finally got the approval for Andi to ride the bus with Lily. It only took an entire semester, but sMonday she started riding the bus with her sister. She has been so thrilled about this whole thing and has told everyone she sees about this fact. I am the one who should be shouting it to the roof tops, but I’ll let her do it for me. No more waking up Ollie to pick her up. And racing home to get there just in time for Lily bug. Yay!
Lily has been having a difficult time sleeping lately and having more seizures. I have been giving her melatonin and still nothing. She will scream happy, sad, whatever it is it is loud. I don’t know if it is because of the seizures or she is having the seizures because she is not sleeping. Hummmm….
But she is still doing well in therapy, school and is happy and healthy. I should knock on wood but she managed to be the only one in our home who did not get a hacking cold. Which is odd since she is usually a snotty gal, especially being in school already for 2 months! But we will take it!
Sunday we had a get together at my parents to visit with my dads cousin Ellen and her husband Paul who were visiting from Holland (The Netherlands). We hadn’t seen them in 7 years and it is always so great to visit with them. They brought the kids gifts from a popular story book there and it always thrills me to get something original that no one else can get here. I have to tell this little story about my Andi Jane, she went outside where Paul was smoking and she said to him, “you know you really shouldn’t smoke around kids”. He laughed and told everyone about it. Thank God they have a good sense of humor. Oh my Andi Jane. She can really brighten a room.
Ollie is doing great. So cute, so much fun. He really is a cool kid. We really enjoy having this little guy as our finale child. I still believe he is the cherry on top.
Being these kids mom is the best thing I have ever done in my life and I don’t take a moment with them for granted.

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