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On a lighter note….
And no I didn’t take the weekend off from being thankful, I just took it off from writing. Officially it’s Tuesday now so I suppose I took a long weekend, but I spent all day yesterday home with Ollie cleaning the home I am so thankful for … so there.
I am tall. 5’11.5″ yes 11.5″. I never hit the 6′ mark, but most people just assume I am 6′ and I will at times just stake that claim. But honest to God I am not 6′ tall. And naturally thin. I am not bragging, I’m not. I just have always had a fast metabolism, even with hypothyroidism. I am active and I eat whatever I want, but in moderation. I know people roll their eyes at that, but I am not eat a batch of cookies kind of gal, just one please, ok maybe two. And yes I am incredibly thankful for that too.
I was “found” at a mall when I was 13 years old and became a model instantly. I was wine and dined, traveled all over the country and a few places out of the country mostly before I was legally able to drive. I was in three different international Vogues, Brides, Self, Mademoiselle, Sassy, Teen (I am fully aware of how much I am dating myself with magazines that are no longer in publication) etc. And I am yes thankful for those awesome opportunities, but this isn’t brag on my past post, this is actually a post about being humble. No matter what I did in NYC, LA, or even the Virgin Islands, I came back to Kino Jr. High and was not cool. I was a foot taller than all the girls and maybe a foot and a half taller than the boys. And if any boy was taller than me, he certainly wasn’t interested in me. He liked the cute voluptuous cheerleader. So nothing about being a model in Mesa, AZ meant anything to anyone. It was an odd experience to have 23 year old men hit on me on the subway in NYC then come home and have no one ask me to a dance. But you know what, I am so thankful that my childhood was like that. I can’t imagine who I’d be if everyone told me I was “lucky” “beautiful” or God forbid “perfect”. I may had actually grown up believing that were true. What I grew up to was being called daddy long legs, jolly green giant, skinny minny, stick legs, oh this was a nice one.. Abraham Lincoln on stilts… not that those follow me around still…. ahem…. Cory Rittenhouse you big jerk!
Seriously though, now women have told me in my adulthood that they wish they were tall like me, or they want long legs like me, but first of all I will be the first to tell you everything I dislike about myself and secondly I say ok but if you want to be tall like me, you have to survive Jr. High like I did! And believe me, it was not easy! Especially add a last name like Diepstraten. I’m surprised I turned out as well as I did. Must be why I am such a fighter for my Lily and am soooo conscious of how she looks when we are out. People are always gonna stare so we make sure she looks absolutely gorgeous while they are doing it. She doesn’t sport high waters like yours truly did. That’s for darn sure.
So yes I am grateful for those years I just wanted to chop off my legs. Drank lots of coffee in hopes that the whole it stunts your growth thing was true. Was made fun of. Because of those years I developed character. A sense of humor. I learned no one of any quality will like me because of my looks, but they will like me if I am funny, warm and kind.
I came across this picture at my mom’s house and it just brought back all those uncomfortable memories of being so different from my peers. It is ok to laugh. We all do.
You may have to look hard but I am sure you can find me 😉 This is a team softball picture. I was 12. Summer before 7th grade. (you have to double click if you want to see it in all its glory)
ps… ahhhaaaa I fixed the comments! I welcome one and all to comment freely.. even you anonymous 😉

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness 6

  1. Erica says:

    i knew it! you had to be a model, if not one now. 🙂 i got teased for being short so I feel ya. you were in Sassy!?? I LOVED that mag! Bet I saw you in it and wished it were me 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree Kim, we are who we are because of what we were…if that makes sense. Being a short, stalky, homely, uno-brow poor girl wearing only hand-me-downs…I handled the hurt differently…mostly with anger and self destruction. But I have no regrets of my childhood NOW. I know that it made me the driven to change individual I became in my mid-twenties and I taught me to be more compassionate to people who are “different.” I think your inner and outward beauty are astonishing and so thankful to have known you since you were young. You are a fabulous God gifted Mom and Lily is so blessed to have you on her side in this “odd” world. Love you Kim! : )DJ (Darlene) Marshall

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