Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

So my good friend Liz calls me on Saturday and says “so what’s this deal about your bird and it about to have it eggs hatch?” “What are you talking about?” I ask, “Andi told Reagan that you have a blue bird that’s eggs are gonna hatch and she has been asking nonstop to come over and see it” “Oh. My. Gosh.” I say. I am driving at this time and I look back at Andi Jane and I said “did you tell Reagan that you have a bird that is going to hatch some eggs?!” And she smiles and shrugs. I give her a dirty look and explain that I am so sorry, that it is so not true. First off I despise birds and if one was in my house, I would not be in my house. Secondly, what?! Like seriously Andi?
So the story goes on as Reagan is sad to hear that Andi lied and we have to have this long talk with Andi about lying.
Now granted the story makes me laugh. But it also pisses me off. But in looking for thankfulness in things less than pleasant I had to realize that having a child who can speak is awesome. One with a vivid imagination is amazing. Having parenting skills to take her lying and turn it into a lesson is wonderful. Like me telling her anything she wants she can get at Target. Get her hopes up then say, sorry I was lying. Mean, maybe, but she understood how Reagan felt after that. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a parent. To be a teacher.
So while that child will test me until the day the lay me to rest, I am so thankful for her spunk her, feisty attitude, her character and all those characteristics giving me a learning lesson practically daily.

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