Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’m thankful for a sense of humor and even more thankful for other people with them.
As a server now I run across a lot of people and not every one has a sense of humor. Go figure. But when I get a customer who has one or better yet gets mine, I am golden! It can make my whole shift. So I can only assume the same goes towards other fellow humorous creatures that work in our community. Take the pharmacist at Target yesterday. I had a whole 8 minutes before my shift and Target happens in be where I park my car at work (take note stalkers). I have had this sinus crap, I think we’re going on week 4, probably should get into the Dr. but I really only have time to take my kids to the Dr. I don’t come very high on my list. Back to my story. I am in a hurry. Advil Cold and Sinus, sure I’ll give them a plug it’s the only medication that takes away my nasty sinus headaches, is of course behind the counter at pharmacy’s because as we all know the crack heads ruin everything. So I hand him the card and he asks me for my drivers license. I hand it to him. Still in a hurry and have that sense of urgency to move along, “registration?” I look up blankly. “Birth certificate?… passport?” I stop staring and smile. “If this cold doesn’t go away I’m gonna end up in jail” I joke and he says “it’s only a 24-48 hour stay and I hear those ladies are real nice”. He’s joking with me! He’s joking with me! Thank God almighty he is joking with me and not only is he joking, he is pretty darn funny especially for a pharmacist. Take no offense pharmacists, you are smart, you don’t have to be funny too. “I’m sure they are just lovely” I say back smiling ear to ear. “Hope you feel better soon” he says. I thank him and run to work. And I tell you what I was in a great mood. Not that I would have been in a bad mood if he just checked me out like most pharmacists would have, and no I didn’t want his phone number, it just made my day to joke around with a stranger. Made me realize when I asked my customer if next time he just wants a bowl of ranch because he’s salad had too “many greens” maybe I made his day a little better too (btw he laughed and laughed when I said that, I am careful with who I make fun of, the guys who complained about their forks having hard water stains on them, they just get their food).
So share a joke with a stranger. You just might make their day. Or if you’re not very funny, just smile.

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