Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

I’m gonna finish up this thankful November ala Erica over at the Robertson Family (mom of sweet Avery with Rett Syndrome) and do this list style, because yes I am thankful for the important things like my kids, my home, my family, my life, but there are so many non important yet essentials to my life and I will list them all now. You may need to take an intermission. This may take awhile. These are of course in no particular order…

  1. lip gloss
  2. good tippers
  3. goody spin pin
  4. tampons
  5. disposable diapers
  6. socks
  7. miralax (for Lily of course)
  8. reisling (for me of course)
  9. coffee
  10. even better starbucks
  11. toilet paper
  12. a kid who says “mom I am the girl who saved Christmas”
  13. kitchen aid mixer
  14. automatic pet feeders
  15. a husband who wants to put lights up for Christmas
  16. a birthday in December
  17. a boy he hugs and kisses other kids who are crying (boundary issues or not)
  18. keebler town house flips
  19. a girl who doesn’t say a word, but cracks up when you make the sounds she does
  20. scented candles
  21. a good friend with 600 thread count sheets
  22. october, november, december, january, feburary, march and april in arizona
  23. may, june, july, august and september in northern arizona
  24. tivo
  25. bravo
  26. amazing friends
  27. vs pink! sweats
  28. online shopping
  29. 36″ inseam jeans
  30. a good bra
  31. an amazing church
  32. MOPS
  33. great family
  34. good always comes from bad if you look for it
  35. blackberry
  36. hobo wallets
  37. good old fashion magazines
  38. laptop
  39. itouch
  40. several good purses
  41. a warm home
  42. online banking
  43. chocolate
  44. recliners
  45. my blanket
  46. hubby’s sweatshirts
  47. ikea
  48. target
  49. good doctors
  50. movie theaters
  51. good hair colorist and stylist
  52. bret and barb at orthotic specialists
  53. awesome therapists who go above and beyond
  54. a mom who buys great ever lasting gifts like special ornaments every year and personalized stockings
  55. qt with crushed iced cherry and vanilla flavoring in dr pepper

One thought on “Thankfulness 10 – Wrap Up

  1. Erica says:

    wow! thanks for the shout out. 🙂 loved your list-we have a lot in common-except the 36″ inseam! mine is a 29 or 30!

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