Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Ok back to splash for a cure a wonderful woman named Christina who is creator and owner of a fabulous children’s clothing line called Ivanhoe Couture donated a sweet tutu outfit to our raffle. Well she alone set up a fundraiser for Phoenix Children’s Hospital at a luxury resort in Paradise Valley that included a child fashion show and she had our 3 monkeys in it.
I thought I would loose my mind back stage. For some reason I had the only children running like wild animals. Apparently I have no control. Most kids nervous around strangers and in a strange place… not mine.
The outfits were adorable! Her thing is blinged tops and tutu’s and cute hair accessories. Well Lily and Andi looked simply sweet enough to eat. And she had a Johnny Cash shirt for Ollie and it says “Baby in Black”. It was adorable! Ollie of all the kids was the most comfortable on the runway. Seriously, they clapped and he just ate it up. The child isn’t even two. I figured I’d have one model in the family, I just didn’t think it would be a boy.
My friend Stephanie emceed the thing, she is a local celebrity here and the host for a local morning show called Sonoran Living, so the kids already knew her and it was funny because Andi Jane came out shy and Stephanie said “she is not shy, show them your stuff” and then Andi strutted down the runway and at the end blew kisses! So maybe we’ll have two models. I was more hoping for doctors….
I got to push Lily in her chair and I was not prepared to be handed the microphone and describe Lily’s disorder. Ack! I sucked, but Lily looked so pretty it didn’t matter.
They also had some very special models, patients of PCH who were well enough to come. We met a little girl named Alexa who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy she is 3 and just such a doll! Seeing her with all her equipment made me sad to see how much some parents have to deal with and made us feel blessed that Lily, yes has an awful disorder, she is a healthy girl. And just so precious. She does not love fashion. She refused to open her eyes when we had the cute hat on her. Take the hat off, eyes open. She is so funny! They did an interview with me and she had her eyes closed the whole time. Anyway, it was an awesome day!
Here are some photos of the busy day. (which I ended with a 7 hour shift at the restaurant, needless to say I’m spending today relaxing! Well as much as I can with wild man Ollie)

bunch more being added to flickr

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