Calm Amongst the Chaos

Mama of 5 seeking calm in the chaos

Lily has to see the eye Dr. every 3 months while on Sabril. It can cause tunnel vision (gotta love the side effects each and every AED brings) and the Dr. has to check for nerve damage every single visit to make sure she can stay on Sabril. At the last visit I mentioned I thought Andi Jane had a very slight strabismus and he said bring her in the next time Lily comes in so that was today. And let me just pat myself on the back for having all three kids fed, dressed and at the Dr. (who is a good 45-50 min from home) by 9:05am for a 9:15am appointment, that alone is worth the mother of the year award. Anyway, this eye Dr. is fabulous. It took me three guys to find him. He has bedside manor of a saint. He explains every number or medical term he tells his assistant to write down and he is bilingual, doesn’t matter to us, but that is pretty cool and he is rather good looking so it makes the time there even more fun. So the first lady tests Andi Jane’s vision and I am surprised she can’t read the letters on a line I think she should have. They say she is 20/30 and no concern yet, but they will follow up. Also said after dilation she has an astigmatism just like me and Lily. Still not so bad that she needs glasses yet, but they also diagnosed her with strabismus (imbalance of eye muscles) it is very slight as I am the only person who notices it and I have also diagnosed Andrew with it which just embarrasses him, but I know my stuff, Lily had surgery for this when she was 4. I know my eyes. So anyway no patching just yet for AJ, but he recommended some eye strengthening exercises, but if she shows no improvement by April we will have to patch her. I just figure fix this all now or else no Vogue later. 🙂
Now Lily’s turn. We have been told for years she has astigmatism, but her CVI has always been so bad he always said glasses would be more of a pain than a help, but today he said her tracking was so much better and her astigmatism is getting worse that what she is able to see is pretty blurry so he finally recommended glasses. We have been told for YEARS that her CVI has to get better before he will rx glasses and the day has come! Yippee! Now imaging Lily keeping glasses on is humorous to us, but we will give it a $200 shot. Sigh. I was actually surprised that her rx was -2.25 in both eyes! I was 25 when I had lasik and my rx at that time was -3.75, that is not that far behind. Poor little girl, even with crazy CVI she should be seeing so much better. We will take her to get fitted maybe this weekend. Cute Lily bug.
We follow up in April on that as well.
Just wanted to share, that was this blog was started for almost 8 years ago, Dr. appointments, then I started getting carried away with posts about my hair and then Andi Jane came along and well the rest is history 🙂

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